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    Welcome to codingKIDZ! We offer a wide variety of creativity-inspiring after-school and summer programs for kids to learn about technology. By participating in our classes, workshops and camps, children and young adults are able to experience and master new technologies. We teach them computer science basics, coding, video-making, robotics, electronics and a number of other science-related subjects in a fun, relaxed environment.


    In addition to learning about technology, our students end up making lasting friendships and building self-esteem. They collaborate on awesome projects, which they share with classmates, friends and the community. So, let your kids create and express themselves, let them learn to code and let them code to learn. Register them for one of our courses. You'll find our current offerings in the Classes section below. For the latest news, please visit (and like!) our facebook page and our twitter account.

  • Online Summer Camps

    codingKIDZ is hosting a number of coding camps this Summer, starting the week of June 29!

    Our programs are designed for 5-15 year-olds. They run weekly for 2 hours either in the morning (9:30-11:30AM) or in the afternoon (2:30-4:30PM). Instruction is tailored based on the campers' experience and interests and no prior knowledge is necessary. Our online classes are always taught by live instructors using Zoom and are limited to a maximum of 6 students per cohort (only campers in the same age group are placed in a cohort). Classes include Scratch Jr, Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Unity and others.

    In March, when local governments ordered schools to close because of the coronavirus pandemic, we moved all of our programs online. For the past few months, we have been conducting remote classes as part of our after-school offerings. Our experience has been extremely positive and our instructors have received rave reviews.


    Ready to register? Please visit the Registration Section below. More questions? Please fill the form below. We'll contact you right away and provide more details about our programs. We're always happy to provide references and sample lesson descriptions.

    Private Classes

    We also offer private remote classes to accommodate different schedules and experience levels. Questions? Please fill the Information Request form below. We'll contact you right away to discuss your needs and create specific work plans.


  • About Us

    Coding Kidz's Students

    Our Students

    Does your child love to explore and create? Is she/he willing to let her/his creativity run wild? Then sign up for one of our programs! Designed specifically for 5-15 year-olds, our goal is to develop our students' creativity while helping them get comfortable with computers and technology.


    Coding Kidz's Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    Having worked in engineering and IT for over 20 years, we know what it’s like to want to apply technology to create something and to solve problems. We know what is like to want to learn to code to develop websites and art projects, to design apps and to build robots. We want to encourage and foster those same interests in kids that love to create and make.


    We understand that when it comes to technology, the gap between parents and children keeps widening. We will close that gap by helping parents understand new technologies, including social media, and what their children are doing. We also understand that online safety is a priority for parents. Therefore, we offer parent workshops on how to keep their children safe in an increasingly digital world.

    Coding Kidz's Reason

    Our Reason

    Manuel, our founder, created the company in 2015 because family and friends kept calling with the same question: "Is there a fun, safe place where my kids can learn to code?" The answer at the time was no. He didn’t know of any academies or specific after-school programs that were designed for young people. The opportunity presented itself. Leveraging his professional experience (first as consultant, then as IT Director and Head of BI & Analytics at a Fortune 500 company), his academic background in computer engineering and in business, his affiliation with MIT, and the desire to create something new, codingKIDZ came to fruition.

  • Environment

    We offer a variety of courses -- from one-session workshops to multi-session, in-depth classes. During the school year, we offer after-school programs at several locations throughout New York City, including several Public and Private Schools. In addition, we offer weekend courses, camps, and other programs. We also offer classes for parents and families so children and parents can learn together.

    Learning to Code with Coding Kidz


    New programs start continually throughout the year. Courses focus on diverse subjects from coding and robotics to electronics and video-making. All of our classes are aimed at students who love to explore, learn and create.

    Coding Kidz's Infrastructure & Support

    GEAR UP!

    We offer a small class structure, with a maximum of 10 students per instructor. The focus is in children 5-15 years of age. For classes requiring computers, each student has access to a laptop. We leverage cloud-based platforms that allow students to access their projects outside codingKIDZ's studio.

    Coding Kidz's Platforms -- Scratch


    Most of our introductory coding classes use Scratch Jr and Scratch. Scratch is an intuitive, cloud-based programming platform for kids (and parents). It has been developed and is maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It allows users to create stories, games, and animations, and share them with others around the world. Students focus on learning the basic concepts of computer science instead of worrying about computer syntax. They learn about loops and conditionals instead of searching for the missing semi-colon. Want to learn more about Scratch? You can visit their website.


    As students gain expertise, they progress to other coding platforms. We offer a large number of advanced classes where students learn some of the most popular computer languages that exist today. Our students learn Python, JavaScript, Java and other text-based languages. They also learn about video-gaming platforms like Unity. Our list of offerings keeps growing periodically as demand for new languages and platforms increases.

    Coding Kidz's Instructors


    All our instructors are experienced professionals with multiple years of practice in diverse technology fields.

  • CLASS OFFERINGS - Summer 2020

    The following classes and camps will be offered this Summer. More classes will be added as the year progresses. Please come back often and check them out.

    coding KIDZ's Classes

    Summer Online Camps

      Looking for an activity that's fun and allows your child to exercise their imagination while developing problem-solving skills? Our camp instructors will teach participants the basics of computer science by completing fun coding projects. Campers will learn to use coding to tell a story, create e-cards for somebody’s birthday, compose a song or a drawing. They'll learn how to break a problem down into smaller pieces to find robust solutions. More advanced participants will develop animations and video games. The possibilities are endless.


      Camps run weekly, Monday through Friday, starting June 29, 2020. Each camp session is 2 hours long with a 10 min break after the first 55 minutes. Campers are grouped in cohorts of no more than 6 participants based on age and experience (only campers in the same age group are part of the same cohort).


      Remaining Dates:

      • August 17. 9:30AM - 11:30AM (Scratch, 8-14 year-olds)
      • August 17. 2:30PM - 4:30PM (Scratch Jr, 5-7 year-olds)

      Fees: $150.00 -- siblings (10%) and multi-week registration (10%) discounts available. Please contact us at info@codingkidz.com for more details.


      Ready to register? Select your dates here.



      This section lists both internal and external events of interest:

      • #ScratchAtHome provides children, families, and educators with ideas for engaging in creative learning activities using the free Scratch coding environment.

    • Request Information!

      Please fill the form below. We'll contact you shortly to answer all of your questions. If possible, please include the student's age and level of experience in your message. It'll allow us to provide a more targeted response. Thank you!

    • Learning to Code

      Should we teach kids to code? Experts agree that learning to code helps young people develop the ability to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

      Coding isn’t just for computer whizzes, says Mitch Resnick of MIT Media Lab — it’s for everyone. In a fun, demo-filled talk Resnick outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies — but also create them.

      This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxBeaconStreet 2012, an independent event.

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      Questions? Please contact us at orders@codingkidz.com.

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